Don (Full name DonBenét Peter Griffin Ramsay) is a 9 year old boy whom has an odd attraction towards Jimbo 2: Electric Boogaloo, making him an anti-hero. He is also the illegitimate son of Gordon Ramsay and some random bitch.


Story Edit

Don grew up in a world full of secrets, and had lived in the basement most of his life due to his weird obsession with aliens and curly fries. When he finally escaped, he met Jimbo and Jimmy, and ended up falling in love with Jimbo, constantly following him around. He eventually realises that it won't work out, and gives up. He meets his end Christmas 2015, when someone breaks into his basement-bedroom and brutally murders him, destroying any traces of evidence and leaving. He had clearly been murdered by a 4chan user, who'd killed him with stale memes.

Jimmy and Jimbo end up investigating, until Don's ghost returns and contacts them through dreams, telling them what happend that night.

Appearance Edit

Don is pale due to his isolation, and has dark brown hair with is very short, as he always cut it himself. His eyes are blue.

He usually wears a bright purple tshirt and dark blue shorts, though sometimes wears other things as well, even a small chef outfit based off the one his illegitimate father, Gordon Ramsay, wears.

Trivia Edit

  • Jimmy became an ultimate suspect in the case, with Jimbo being accused of helping him. However, eventually the police find one un-destroyed piece of evidence, and confirm that Don's older brother Jason's friend's dad killed Don.