Don (Full name DonBenét Peter Griffin Ramsay) is a 9 year old boy who is the illegitimate son of Gordon Ramsay and some random hooker from Singer Bo's kingdom.

Story Edit

Don has lived in Gordon's basement his entire life, but is very skilled in vocabulary, writing, math and other things despite this. He has an intense love for memes, and a crush on Alisha Read-Walker, who he once saw from the basement window.

He meets his demise Christmas of 2015 when a 4Channer breaks into the Ramsay house hold, intending on burglary but due to coming in through the basement window is seen by Don. The 4Channer used multiple cringy, stale memes such as Pepe x Dat Boi crossovers and worst of all, Ugandan Knuckles memes, to strangle and kill the boy, before robbing the home and fleeing. The 4Channer then wanks on their doorstep, blows up and dies.

Appearance Edit

Don is pale due to his isolation, and has dark brown hair with is very short, as he always cut it himself. His eyes are blue.

He usually wears a bright purple tshirt and dark blue shorts, though sometimes wears other things as well, even a small chef outfit based off the one his father, Gordon Ramsay, wears.

Trivia Edit

  • Many people were suspected including his parents, however a crucial piece of evidence reveals it was Don's older brother, Jason's friend's dad who killed the child, thanks to DNA and also part of a bad pepe meme he'd used in a 4Chan post was found printed and ripped up in the basement.