Casey Taylor (Known on Wikipedia as MissySchmidt and mewmewcentral) is a 16 year old girl and the civilian identity of Mew Casey

After an argument with an unspecified friend, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Princess Decadence, a cat-themed supervillain who's appearance resembles her pet cat, Mia.

Appearance Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Casey is quite tall, with pale skin, long and unkempt brown her reaching to her upper thighs and green eyes.

Civilian attire Edit

She is usually seen in black t-shirts, although will also wear lighter colors. At home she wears Pyjama bottoms, when out she'll wear dark grey or black trousers. Her shoes are grey and pink trainer shoes.

As Mew Casey Edit

When transformed, Casey grows a large pair of black cat ears and a long, black tail, which match her cat's ears and tail. She wears a purple and gold themed outfit, which consists of a purple skirt and leotard-like top, with a gold ribbon tied around the waist, a purple and gold leg garter on her right leg which symbolizes her role as a co-leader, purple and gold arm bands and a purple and gold choker, which has a golden and pink pendant hanging from it. She also wears fully purple boots which share the same design as Mew Ichigo's, although Casey's do not have the black ribbons on them.

As Princess Decadence Edit

When akumatized, Casey wears a mask which is designed in a way to make her face resemble Mia's, with black fake cat ears and a belt tail similar to Cat Noir's. Her eyes become cat-like with green sclerae, and she wears a black and white skin-tight bodysuit, also colored to resemble Mia's markings. She also has a pink skirt around her waist which is open at the front, and has a golden pendant or plate attached, which has a pink hear on it. Her akuma resides in the pink collar around her neck, which belongs to her cat and detached when she detransformed from her mew form and she (Mia) ran away.

Abilities Edit

As a civilian Edit

Casey has some knowledge with phones and computers, often having to help her mom figure things out. She is also an artist, although her art skills often fluctuate and she can get stressed over it. She has some capability of writing and enjoys making up Alternate Universes and stories.

As Mew Casey Edit

As Mew Casey, Casey has enhanced abilities such as agility and speed. She can jump very high and is more flexible like a cat. She also has some habits of Mia, such as a habit of wanting to pounce at people, being playful and making odd noises for no reason. She also has a habit of being affectionate with people she likes.

She has two attacks, one a solo attack which is currently unnamed, and another of which she performs with Mew Sunshine, who's the leader of the team she's from.

As Princess Decadence Edit

Princess Decadence retains a lot of her traits from her mew mew form, such as her agility and speed. Despite being akumatized for quite a while, she never does a proper attack although she does appear to have a weapon it is unknown what the weapon is and what it does.

Trivia Edit

  • She likes reading about mysteries and dark stuff, but also enjoys lighter things, despite her love for cute things and generally lighter stuff.
  • She is easily irritated
  • She doesn't like when people bring up death
  • alongside things such as being alone and failure, Casey is afraid of losing people she cares about whether it be in death or them leaving/disliking her, the future (especially concerning her own and her families' futures in general) and a whole lot of other things
  • She is easily panicked and has a habit of being scared by sudden movement or sounds.